Hilarious parody video mocks privileged white law graduate

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Short comical clip mimics a recent Western Sydney University ad involving a Sudanese refugee law graduate


A hilarious parody video mocking a privileged white law graduate has appeared on YouTube.

The short clip — documenting the life of a fictitious Sydney university law grad called Luke Williams — is based on a real advertisement by Western Sydney University.

The original advert highlights the achievements of a Sudanese refugee called Deng Adut (pictured below), who came to Australia as a teenager. A former child soldier in Sudan, Adut completed the graduate diploma in legal practice at the Australian uni in 2010 and is now a criminal lawyer at Sydney’s AC Law Group.


The parody clip, entitled “Luke Williams Accomplished”, opens with a shot of an affluent Australian neighbourhood, informing viewers that Williams’s mother is a yoga instructor and his father is a partner at Australian-based international outfit MinterEllison.

The video, set to an emotive musical backdrop, shows Williams being given his first car. Unfortunately for the aspiring lawyer, he received a brand new Audi and not the BMW that he had hoped for.


The video pokes fun at Williams for obtaining pass grades at the University of Sydney’s law school, subtly suggesting that his contacts in the legal world would be enough to see him bag a training contract. This — according to the spoof — left ample time for Williams to indulge in heavy drinking and drugs.


Touching on the issue of nepotism in the legal industry, the video reveals that Williams “skilfully” manages to secure a clerkship — similar to a vacation scheme in the UK — at “his father’s law firm”, before suggesting to viewers that his selection was based purely on “merit”.


Having gone on to bag a training contract at the same law firm — again purely on merit — the parody video shows Williams finally getting behind the wheel of his dream car, a BMW.


The final scene — and bombshell — reveals that the parody law student goes on to become an estate agent, having been “struck off”.


The original advert has been seen almost 2 million times since it was posted last September. Meanwhile, the parody version produced by YouTube user “Old Gregg” has received over 60,000 views since 26 December.

Despite wishing to remain anonymous, “Old Gregg” revealed to Daily Mail Australia that the professional looking video took just two days to produce. Disclosing that he or she had just completed a law degree at an Australian University, “Old Gregg” told the newspaper:

There are definitely people like Luke Williams and this video was based of a couple of unique individuals.

Watch the full parody advert below:



Hi. La. Ri. Ous.


Not Amused

This video is beyond tasteless.

No child choses the parents it is born to. A huge amount of work goes in to helping children born in to poor families. A lot more can, should and must be done on that front.

But this is a hate filled sneer at children who are born in to richer families. It panders to the lowest form of human emotion. It will not assist poor kids in the slightest.

This is disgraceful bigotry and should be condemned for what it is.



I literally know a guy for whom the BMW/Audi story is true, down to the makes of the cars. He cites it as a reason for wanting to do well on his own. I don’t hate him – he’s a good friends – but it’s quite hilarious how out of touch that is and deserves to have fun poked. He was disappointed to get a new Audi for his birthday. That’s hysterical.


Corbyn's Cockpit

A dicksack like him ought to be abducted and promptly dumped in the middle of some hamlet in south-eastern Sudan, equipped just with a pair of tweezers and a few lemsip satchets.

That would teach him, or kill him.

Good either way.



No, it’s actually hilarious and perfectly indicative of the current level of nepotism and Old Boy networks across Australian major cities, especially Sydney.

But I couldn’t possibly expect a decrepit Tory geezer like you to know that.


Scouser of Counsel

Awww… Diddums.

Too close to home for someone is it?



Probably produced by all those salty university students who didn’t manage to snag their own clerkships because they were too busy dreaming of dismantling the patriarchy and sticking it to “The Man”/Illuminati to develop their CV and skills.


Dem Illuminati bros

Toils away for the oligarchs and corporations, but furiously defends them on the Internet. You’re a special kind of stupid my dear.



Maybe he’s part of the Illuminati? In that case we are all being played.


Agent Fox Mulder

Trust no one.



I don’t understand why this is a joke. I don’t see any jokes in itbut it’s like that guy Ricky Gervais I don’t hear anything resembling like a joke coming out of his mouth.


Lord Lyle

I don’t understand why this is a joke. I don’t see any jokes in itbut it’s like that guy Ricky Gervais I don’t hear anything resembling like a joke coming out of his mouth.



go home, you’re drunk.


In your heart you know it's true

This video depicts 99.9% of Jones Day’s London office. Chock-full of utter wankshafts.

(*The 0.1% is the cute Romanian cleaner.)


Chazza from Jones-D

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I'm Old Gregg!

Probably not one and the same:


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