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US lawyer drops rap video to promote legal services 

Juan LaFonta, Juan LaFonta, Juan LaFonta...

Nov 28 2023 10:02am

Video: Legal life before and after COVID-19

From City law to social distancing

Apr 3 2020 1:50pm

Video: Law students play ‘Never have I ever’

‘My Dad’s going to see this. Sorry, Dad!’

Nov 4 2019 11:57am

Video: We sample some the best perks legal London has to offer

With the help of a very special guest behind the wheel...

Mar 23 2018 10:30am

Video: A day in the life of the Legal Cheek team

Featuring cameos from Judge Rinder and Joshua Rozenberg

Apr 7 2017 10:07am

Legal Cheek talks… law school exam f*ck ups

Were students right to kick off?

Mar 31 2017 3:22pm

Legal Cheek talks… ‘moaning millennials’

This week a trainee at a top City firm went public with her mortgage woes, but was she justified in doing so?

Mar 10 2017 4:20pm

Video: Students wow Lady Hale with BPTC rap to Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’

The deputy Supreme Court president said she ‘enjoyed’ it

Mar 7 2017 9:03am

Legal Cheek talks… lawtech and legal education reform

Things to look out for in 2017

Jan 6 2017 4:57pm

Legal Cheek talks… an insider’s view on what went down at the Supreme Court this week

Pannick's advocacy masterclass, Sumption's ties and the Supreme Court meal deal

Dec 9 2016 4:58pm

Legal Cheek talks… law firms’ commitment to diversity

Genuine enthusiasm, or buying appearance?

Dec 2 2016 3:31pm

Legal Cheek talks… the tabloids reaction to the Brexit legal challenge judgment

Indefensible reporting or savvy journalism?

Nov 4 2016 4:06pm

Legal Cheek talks… corporate law firm perks

Are they really worth it?

Oct 28 2016 3:25pm

Legal Cheek talks… our experience at the Brexit High Court challenge

Katie King and Tom Connelly reflect on the red carpet event of the legal world

Oct 14 2016 3:30pm

Legal Cheek talks… crazy billable hours targets

The tactics firms use to whip their lawyers into shape, and whether they work

Oct 7 2016 3:39pm

69 King’s College law students and staff star in Justin Timberlake mime-along video

Law professors dad dancing, lecture theatre shots and a cameo from the RCJ

Sep 27 2016 11:05am

Legal Cheek talks… Lord Harley and Ntokozo Qwabe

A whistle stop tour of two of our more controversial characters, and what we think about them

Sep 23 2016 4:11pm

Legal Cheek talks… comments

Katie King and Tom Connelly go below the line and respond to the readers

Sep 16 2016 4:50pm