Amal rumour mill in overdrive: Doughty Street barrister is ‘pregnant’ and/or to become ‘full-time fashion creator’

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US gossip rags’ obsession with Inns of Court star continues


Amal Clooney is set to have a baby with actor hubby George and may also be mulling quitting the law to become a fashion designer, according to reports in the US.

The pregnancy rumour originated with supermarket tabloid The National Enquirer. In corroboration, it cites an unnamed source as revealing:

Amal is over the moon with joy!

The story has since been picked up by other US websites, which have failed to add anything to substantiate the claims. Nor can Legal Cheek — which foreign journalists often quaintly assume have a hotline to Amal and George — assist in this respect.

Meanwhile, gossip has been raging all week about the possibility that Amal may be considering the idea of quitting the bar to become a “full-time fashion creator”.

This story seems to have originated with Grazia, which recently asked, “is Amal Clooney about to add fashion force to her resume?”, before claiming that the Doughty Street junior “feels tempted to stretch her wings”.

It was then taken on by The Inquisitr, which wrote:

Designers have reportedly been so impressed by some of Amal’s contributions [to her gowns during public appearances with her husband] that they think she’d make the perfect fit as a full-time a fashion creator, with the likes of Oscar de la Renta’s creative director, Peter Copping, having already reached out to Alamuddin with an astounding offer.

However, the gravitas-exuding Gossip Cop has since moved to debunk the chatter, insisting that Amal is very much committed to the law.

Who to believe?



Jesus wept.



It’s not like she has a glittering legal career anyway. She’s a junior barrister who spends most of her time not practising law.

Try to instruct her in anything that doesn’t involve a one off media circus appearance and see how far you get.



I’m not so sure. You don’t do a PhD at Oxford without some serious legal scholarship chops. Practicing is the cherry on the cake.



“UK legal gossip rag, Legal Cheek’s, obsession with Inns of Court star continues”

Fixed that for you.



Legal Cheek’s obsession with Inns of Court star continues*



You do realise the National Enquirer is the US equivalent of the Daily Star? Their last big legal story involved the death of Anton Scalia:

“According to the Enquirer, Scalia was assassinated by a “$2,000-a-night hooker” hired by the CIA to “inject Scalia with a needle filled with poison in his buttocks.””



Actually, come to think about it, that would make a far more interesting LC story…



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Lord Harley claims paternity.


Banta Claus




Inherits title, wait 25 years and Lord Harley 2 will emerge.



Legal Cheek is a rag, Alex. Also, stop letting Katie use emoticons, it’s fucking puerile.


Charlotte Proudman

She’s is getting her part of the deal in the sham marriage she walked into then.


OK! Magazinez Plc

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Jaaaaa, and I bet she will be designing nice tight and shiny clothes for her husband’s “visitors” to wear when she is out “saving the world”.



Oh my god, who the hell cares.



omg! this is an amazing story



In other news, top law firm CMS Cameron McKenna are in merger talks with City titan Addleshaw Goddards! Rejoice!

Will Olswang get wang-slapped by the mighty AG? Or will CMS get cold feet due to the sheer power of Addleshaw’s brand?

Tune in for more news!



Haha, AnG in yet ANOTHER failed merger talk.

Perhaps AnG needs to accept – it is the problem.



I read this as anal rumour mill…entirely different kind of mill.


The Great Flunge

Pong Ma greedy boom!


lord grabiner

Should Olswang repay the BHS £10M in fees?


None of your business

Can you write in English? The grammar on this site is terrible.


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