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Legal Cheek’s alternative predictions for the 2020s

The 2010s were pretty wild, but this decade could be crazier

Jan 3 2020 9:06am

Mark Wahlberg’s routine: the law student version

9:30am -- miss land law lecture

Sep 14 2018 2:45pm
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a law student, says Kanye West

But reality star’s representatives have since clarified that she isn't actually in law school

Sep 11 2018 11:18am

Barristerspeak decoded: A guide for solicitors, students and clients

Legal Cheek’s resident funny man Wigapedia returns with another helpful translator

Jul 25 2018 12:17pm

Brick Court Chambers to show England’s World Cup clash against Croatia during posh summer soirée

Football's coming home... to a major gallery near you

Jul 11 2018 10:08am

Beano sends spoof cease and desist letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg

It orders MP to stop ‘masquerading’ as one its cartoon characters

Apr 4 2018 1:08pm

How many barristers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Bar funnyman Wigapedia returns to Legal Cheek to answer an age-old question...

Mar 15 2018 10:22am

Google Street View gets V sign from Kings Chambers window

He was simply explaining 'two important points', apparently

Jan 11 2018 8:58am

Legal Cheek’s alternative predictions for 2018

2017 was quite a ride -- this year could be even more of a rollercoaster

Jan 2 2018 9:49am

Decoding the language of barristers’ conferences

The venerable Wigapedia returns to Legal Cheek to translate counsel-speak

Dec 8 2017 9:51am

There is actually a law firm called ‘Sorry Mate’

Road accident firm are 'biker driven bunch of professionals'

Nov 9 2017 1:06pm

Manchester County Court just heard a case called Donoghue v Stevens

Unfortunately it didn't involve a snail or ginger beer

Oct 20 2017 3:20pm

Ushering in a new Twitter star

'Brenda the Usher' is latest pseudonymic persona to hit social media, but who is she?

Oct 10 2017 2:30pm

UKIP’s new logo is uncomfortably similar to BPP’s

Law school will be thrilled -- and not short of access to trademark advice

Sep 29 2017 2:55pm