Legal Cheek talks… deferred training contracts and Supreme Court attacks

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Katie King and Tom Connelly reflect on CMS Cameron McKenna’s £8,000 gap year deal and the tabloids’ campaign against top judges


In a video of two halves, quite literally, Legal Cheek’s Katie King and Tom Connelly discuss training contract deferrals and the latest media backlash directed at our beloved Supreme Court judges.

Earlier this week we exclusively revealed that CMS Cameron McKenna was asking its future trainees to voluntarily push back the start dates of their training contracts. With the firm offering its aspiring solicitors around £8,000 to take an impromptu gap year, we discuss what trainees should make of the deal.

Meanwhile, Lord Neuberger and Lady Hale have come under fire in the run up to the hotly anticipated Brexit appeal hearing, scheduled to take place at the Supreme Court next month. But is the criticism, on this occasion, justified?

Due a technical hiccup, our video is split into two parts, both of which can be viewed below.

Part one

Part two



“In a video of two halves, quite literally”

So you are now officially each other’s other half?

We all saw the signs. Long time coming, but congrats! 🙂



The drop off of around 600 viewers from the first part to the second says a lot.



KK is blossoming into a confident and authoritative presenter. The man is too fidgety.



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Aberwystywth llb

It’s a hard name to spell. I think I have a shot though, my uni is pretty highly regarded. Slaughter and May appeared at our careers afir



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Aberwystyth Llb

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How come the comments haven’t closed yet like they always do after a few upsettingly personal comments?

Remember, kids, up-setting causes bed-wetting!



Not even upsetting – usually Alex shuts them in a jealous rage when someone suggests that Tom and KK are an item



Alex used to get his skin flute routinely played, but now it’s just him rubbing tunes out solo..



£8,000 so that CMS can figure out who in Nabwang has reached their 5 year PQE expiry date because they’re £80k to expensive and have no clients to call their own…



It’s “too” expensive.

Sorry they fired you.

Plexus is always hiring.



On the real, these videos have improved a lot since the beginning.



I only come to this page to gawp at the pit of bitterness and bickering.


Lord Wombles

I come here for the raw, unadulterated bantz. Finest this side of The Tab.



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