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Supreme Court appoints new female judge

Lady Justice Simler joins top bench

Oct 18 2023 8:06am

Supreme Court unveils ‘Courtney’ the bear as justices arrive in Manchester

Top judges to hear three cases in the northwest this week

Mar 6 2023 8:43am

Supreme Court justices prepare to hear three big cases in Manchester

Foul water, equality act and more

Feb 28 2023 10:22am

Supreme Court reveals what it’s like to work for a justice

A day in the life of a judicial assistant, as seen through the top court's Insta account

Feb 23 2023 10:46am

Lord Kitchin to retire from Supreme Court

Top judge to spend more time with family

Feb 2 2023 10:24am

Disbarment for Supreme Court embargo-breaking barrister

Timothy Crosland previously said leak of Heathrow runway ruling was necessary to 'protest the deep immorality' of the court’s decision

Jan 23 2023 8:55am

Law student unwittingly asks Supreme Court justice for directions

Aspiring lawyer 'awestruck by Lord Briggs kindness'

Dec 15 2022 11:14am

Guest v Guest: The recent Supreme Court ruling law students need to know

New leading case on proprietary estoppel

Dec 2 2022 8:13am

Supreme Court to hear cases in Manchester

It will be the first time the justices have sat outside one of the four UK capital cities

Oct 24 2022 2:07pm

Lord Lloyd-Jones re-joins the Supreme Court… seven months after retiring

Sir David Richards also elevated to top bench

Aug 18 2022 10:53am

Top UK judges quit Hong Kong

Supreme Court says it can't continue to endorse administration which has 'departed from values of political freedom'

Mar 30 2022 10:41am

Barrister gives birth after leaving Supreme Court in taxi

Amy Stout was 37.5 weeks pregnant

Mar 24 2022 2:05pm

Supreme Court starts hunt for two new justices

Follows retirement of Lord Lloyd-Jones and Lady Arden

Feb 11 2022 11:04am

New online course offers ‘behind the scenes’ look at the Supreme Court

Programme run in collaboration with Royal Holloway Uni

Jan 12 2022 12:57pm

Eco-protest barrister to go to European Court of Human Rights after contempt ruling upheld

'It’s no great surprise that the Supreme Court has decided to side with itself', embargo-breaker Tim Crosland says

Dec 20 2021 12:20pm

Why Google’s landmark victory is music to TikTok’s ears

Future magic circle trainee Will Holmes looks at yesterday's data protection ruling

Nov 11 2021 8:01am

Hale expresses ‘regret’ over spider brooch

Previously unreported comments surface in new Supreme Court book 🕷️

Aug 23 2021 10:53am