Fifty Shades Of Gray’s Inn: Mini-Pupillage…On a Sunday

At first, GDL student Anastasia Steal doubts the wisdom of Christopher Grey QC’s insistence that she complete her mini-pupillage with him on a Sunday, but pretty soon she finds herself having the best day of her life. As I walked through Gray’s Inn, I caught my reflection in a puddle that had gathered from last… Read more »

EXPLAINED: Why Kim Kardashian Wants To Date A Lawyer

This morning it emerged that Kim Kardashian is looking to go out with a lawyer. Having broken up with basketball star Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage last October, socialite Kardashian, 31, is ready to move on. “[I’m looking for] a lawyer or businessman. Something different,” she told Female First. I wasn’t surprised… Read more »

‘He Told Me He Was a Human Rights Lawyer…’

Legal Cheek’s new online dating correspondent InkSplinter on the evening she found out that pensions law comes under the remit of “human rights” E had a great profile: witty, cheeky sparkle in the eye in his pic, plus he was a human rights lawyer (which I assumed meant he was smart, informed and noble). So… Read more »

Online Dating Sites For Lawyers – And Those Keen To Bag One

At a loose end on Valentine’s Day, Alex Aldridge signs up to several websites aimed specifically at members of the legal profession who are looking for love Single? Find yourself attracted to like-minded people? Well, you’re probably already on one of the niche lawyer dating websites which keep appearing. For those who aren’t, I joined… Read more »

‘I WANT TO NET A STUNNER, 25, TOO!’ Auntie Em Advises…

Dear Auntie Em, I read with great interest your piece dated 6 February, ‘Barrister, 40: How I Netted Stunner, 25′. As it happens, I’m 40 myself, a barrister, and, since the breakdown of my relationship two years ago, single. Despite re-reading the aforementioned article a number of times, I’m still not clear how the barrister… Read more »

Barrister, 40: How I Netted Stunner, 25

It began in turquoise waters off Hapuna Beach in Maui. David Wilman, an employed barrister at SJ Berwin, was splashing around trying to forget his daily City grind when he struck up a conversation with Catie Williams, a glamorous young marketing professional from Canada. “Just as I was getting out of the water, she told… Read more »

#RoundMyKitchenTable: Aldridge & Poulter Analyse Week’s Legal News

Journalist Alex Aldridge and solicitor Kevin Poulter discuss the week’s legal news over a bottle of Tesco Value red wine around Alex’s kitchen table (pictured). What does former Junior Lawyer Division of the Law Society honcho Poulter think of the proposal to scrap the minimum trainee solicitor salary? How does Aldridge, whose Guardian law column… Read more »


Don’t dance, or – even worse – have sex with a colleague; do mix your drinks, though, advises a partner at a top London law firm writing anonymously for Legal Cheek The advent signs give warning of the great office event. Packed pubs and restaurants with large tables of diners looking uneasy in paper hats…. Read more »


Follow @debbiematthews1 Debbie Matthews regrets her night out with a senior male colleague Wednesday morning. I’m back in the cosy confines of my office, feeling slightly nauseous. The nausea seems less about the wine I drank last night, and more about my flashbacks of the evening. I eventually left the bar at around 10.30 –… Read more »


Follow @AlexAldridgeUK Don’t pursue a career on the basis of what will sound good at dinner parties, says Alex Aldridge Every month or so I get an email from a student asking for advice. Sometimes they want me to help them decide if they should risk going to law school without having a job lined… Read more »


Follow @emilyjupp Dear Auntie Em, I’m a male first year trainee solicitor at a large law firm in the City of London. My problem is that I really fancy (and possibly even may be in love with) one of my fellow trainees. We’re mates, and I know she’s single too. Ordinarily, I’d ask her out…. Read more »