Barack Obama

Junior Barrister Follows In Obama’s Footsteps By Becoming Top Ranked Post In Reddit’s ‘IAmA’ Section – But Who Is He?

Yesterday, an anonymous junior barrister (whose ID card is pictured below) found himself the talk of the internet, after a seemingly unremarkable post inviting questions about his job as a “wig-wearing court advocate” became the top ranked post in social network Reddit’s ‘IamA’ section. ‘IAmA’ (‘I am a’) is an online Q&A session, where users… Read more »

British Law Firm* Is Obama’s Third Highest Campaign Funder

None of the ‘serious’ legal publications have reported the news that DLA Piper is the third top contributor to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, so it looks like we’ll have to. According to Obama’s Fox News campaign page, DLA (of dubious journalism awards fame discussed below) has given the president $314,977 (£200,000) – more than Google… Read more »

Over 10% Of Time’s ‘100 Most Influential People in The World’ Are Lawyers, But None Are Brits (Adele Gets a Slot, Though)

“What, no Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers?!” I bellowed after scanning Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world. “No Sir Nicolas Bratza either, or Baroness Hale of Richmond, or even David Allen Green…” I continued, drawing some strange looks from the other men in the barbers’ waiting area, where I’d… Read more »