Daniel England

Shearman & Sterling: ‘We Never Offered Email Scandal Trainee An NQ Solicitor Job; He Resigned Over The Summer’

Yesterday we brought you news of the updated LinkedIn profile of Shearman & Sterling ‘spit roast email’ trainee Daniel England. As you can see below, it suggested that England had been offered a job by the firm as a newly qualified (NQ) solicitor. But yesterday evening Shearman & Sterling responded to our original pre-publication inquiry… Read more »

‘I Would Like To Extend You a Counter-Offer To Suck My Dick’: Law School Dropout’s Job Chances Scotched As Email Goes Viral

We haven’t had a legal profession viral email story since the ‘spitroast trainee’ Daniel England wowed us all with his holiday plans back in February. So it’s with glee that I bring you this US tale of bad email judgement by an ex-law student who has recently abandoned her lawyer dream. July:  Taylor Grey Meyer… Read more »

Are City Law Firms Dominated by Posh Lad Culture?

Some firms have a strong penchant for rugby types like ‘spit-roast’ email trainee Daniel England; others less so, says City lawyer Evan Richards Now that the dust has settled on the Daniel England affair, and the ‘spit roast’ email trainee’s employer Shearman & Sterling has apparently dealt with the matter, it’s worth taking a step… Read more »

#RoundMyKitchenTable: The ‘Spit Roast’ Email Trainee

XXXX XXXX, a lawyer who was at university with the ‘spit roast’ email trainee lawyer Daniel England, gives the inside line on the City boy scandal to drooling journalist Alex Aldridge. Top employment lawyer Kevin Poulter then weighs in with his expert opinion as to whether or not the hapless Shearman & Sterling youngster will… Read more »