Shearman & Sterling Lawyer Could Be Jailed For Pointing Gun At Photographer

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By Alex Aldridge on

The lawyer who was pictured aiming what looked like a semi-automatic pistol as he drove his convertible Audi through Paris with Pippa Middleton faces up to seven years in jail if the weapon is proved to be real. (Pics available here).

Even if the gun was fake, Romain Rabillard, an associate at Shearman & Sterling’s Paris office, could be imprisoned for up to two years.

Rabillard, who has acted for German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch, has taken time off work since the incident on Saturday…

However, the 36-year old, who is single, may get off the hook if claims that French police have been told to scale down their investigation because of Pippa’s involvement are true.

Shearman & Sterling’s lawyers really are characters, it would seem, with Rabillard’s antics coming hot on the heels of Daniel “the spit-roast trainee” England’s notorious leaked email.

Readers with longer memories may recall a 2008 incident where a Shearman associate was sacked after he took a female vac-schemer to the Windmill strip club in Soho.