Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race Protester Trenton Oldfield And His, Er, Oxford-Educated Lawyers…

While the decision to jail Trenton Oldfield has been greeted with shock – the New Statesman went as far as to describe the case as “our Pussy Riot” – there has also been amusement at the anti-elitism protester’s rather elite background. Oldfield attended one of Australia’s most highly-regarded fee-paying schools, before obtaining a masters degree at… Read more »

Occupy London Mock Trial Pics – by Noah Arjomand

*Update Saturday 21 January: Occupy has cancelled the mock trial of RBS scheduled for today* Below is the spruced-up main courtroom in the disused Old Street magistrates’ court – squatted by protesters since last month – where Occupy is currently holding three mock trials. Yesterday was war crimes, today the effect of the legal aid… Read more »


Follow @OccupyTheInns Unless the legal profession acts, an occupation of the Inns of Court could become inevitable, argues OccupyTheInns During the last few days I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that it is not currently a realistic objective to occupy the Inns of Court. It has become clear to me that it is simply… Read more »