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Humpty Dumpty: Can the King’s men put criminal justice back together again?

ULaw grad Priya Pandya looks at the impact of Operation Early Dawn while drawing comparisons to the popular nursery rhyme

2 days ago

Green contracts: the hidden key to ESG enforcement?

City Uni law grad Sammar Masood explores the viability of ESG clauses in commercial contracts

Jul 17 2024 8:22am

GDPR vs. Freemium: why social media giants are winning

Aberdeen law student Iakov Shuvalov assesses GDPR's effectiveness in 'freemium' models, where 'free' services may compromise privacy

Jul 10 2024 8:37am

Warfare technology: can the law really referee?

Harriet Hunter, law student at UCLan, explores AI's impact on weaponry and international humanitarian law

Jul 2 2024 8:45am

A new era for social housing tenants?

Tramy Cheung, MA law student at Bristol, examines the impact of the Social Housing Regulation Act 2023 on vulnerable populations

Jun 24 2024 8:32am

England v France – who takes the gold in the race for arbitration supremacy?

LLM student Sean Doig compares the arbitral regimes of the two countries

Jun 17 2024 8:42am

Protest laws: Striking the balance between order and rights

Bar grad Abbas Hussain analyses the High Court's ruling on police powers in the Public Order Act 2023

Jun 5 2024 8:53am

The legal grey area of mining the moon

Oxford grad Declan Peters explores the legal issues with lunar mineral extraction

May 29 2024 8:43am

The rise of the ‘climate refugee’ and why you need to care

Université Toulouse Capitole LLM student Sean Doig shines a spotlight on climate refugees

May 22 2024 8:42am

Contracts on Monday, machine learning on Tuesday: The future of the LLB

Université Toulouse Capitole LLM student Sean Doig examines technology's impact on legal education and training

May 7 2024 8:52am

AI and the rise of ‘music laundering’

LPC student Frederick Gummer analyses the legal implications of artificial intelligence on the music industry

Apr 29 2024 8:04am

The legal lessons of Barbenheimer

First-year law student Shinelle Leo looks at last year's cultural film phenomenon

Apr 22 2024 8:55am

Case focus: What does the ECHR’s landmark ruling mean for climate change?

SQE student Sophie Binks analyses last week's high-profile ruling

Apr 15 2024 8:01am

The ‘E’ in ESG: How to tackle emission disclosures

Law student Indrakshi Chaku offers a comparative analysis of the UK and India’s disclosure regimes

Apr 11 2024 8:44am

Changes to immigration rules: the new price of family reunification

Sheffield Uni law student Jacob Dubiecha offers a critical analysis of the increased minimum income requirement

Feb 20 2024 7:57am

Non-fatal strangulation and suffocation: Why was this new offence necessary and what has been its impact?

King’s College London grad Lucy Sutton explores the implications

Feb 13 2024 8:45am

5 Ways India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 differs from Europe’s GDPR

Mayank Batavia takes a deep dive into data protection mechanisms in India and Europe

Feb 5 2024 8:57am

Video link wills: nifty solution or ripe for litigation?

Lauren Slade, maths graduate and aspiring barrister, explores the continuing suitability of video link wills

Jan 26 2024 8:46am

Halsey and beyond: The Court of Appeal’s discretion on compelling parties to use ADR

City Uni bar student Jaaved Fareed analyses Churchill v Merthyr Tydfil

Jan 15 2024 8:07am

Ntzegkoutanis v Kimionis: A beacon of hope for minority shareholders?

KCL senior lecturer Anil Balan analyses the Court of Appeal's recent decision

Jan 10 2024 8:51am

The Workers Act 2023: What does it mean in practice?

Anglia Ruskin law student Olga Kyriakoudi explores its implications

Jan 3 2024 8:55am