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Poorly disguised Twitter boast of the week


“Got tickets to see ‘Saved’ at the Lyric by Edward Bond, who directed my play at The Royal Court. Great man.” Link

Twitter tantrum of the week

@CharonQC, upon hearing that @thelawyermag has launched a “Blogpost of The Week”:

“Is there anything more self important than a “Blogpost of The Week”? Law blogging is not a competition… I hope…. I despair. Rebel!” Link

It goes on…

“I find it distasteful and insulting to the many good law bloggers… ridiculous! Pretentious.” Link

…then invokes Winston Churchill…

“Churchill “This is nonsense up with which I shall not put”.. “Blog Posts of The Week” is nonsense… law bloggers do not need PRIZES!” Link

…and keeps going…but we’ll spare you the rest

Broke barrister of the week


“Got very annoyed 2day when a cafe in Bloomsbury asked me if I wanted 2 leave a gratuity after already having been charged a service charge.” Link

Casually damning tweet of the week


 “Anyone know how to stop Legalease sending me Legal Business mag? Change-of-address notifications and sending copies back makes no difference.” Link

 To which hurt Legal Business journo @HodgesJeremy replied:

 “You could just ask I suppose.” Link

Twitter newbie of the week

College of Law mad professor @ProfNigelSavage

A shy, retiring soul, Savage’s bio reads: “Chief Exec of the College of Law. I’ve had more impact on legal education than you’ve had hot dinners. Lives by the sword but will never die.”