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Why judges are not ‘Enemies of the People’

Legal Cheek reviews the latest book offering by legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg

Jun 30 2020 9:27am

Joshua Rozenberg’s predictions for 2019

Brexit will happen, along with some other rather important things, forecasts Britain’s leading legal commentator -- writing exclusively for Legal Cheek

Jan 2 2019 10:30am

Sir Ian Burnett becomes youngest Lord Chief Justice in over 50 years

Court of Appeal judge will take over from Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd later this year

Jul 14 2017 4:15pm

Liz Truss will not make a year as Lord Chancellor, Joshua Rozenberg predicts

She’s unlikely to survive post-election reshuffle

Apr 24 2017 11:50am

Video: A day in the life of the Legal Cheek team

Featuring cameos from Judge Rinder and Joshua Rozenberg

Apr 7 2017 10:07am

Women will race to the top of the judicial ranks in 2017, says Joshua Rozenberg QC

Four female names put forward in predictions piece

Jan 9 2017 11:07am

Exclusive interview: Joshua Rozenberg analyses the Brexit legal challenge hearing

The early signs are that activation of Article 50 won't be blocked -- but anything is possible

Jul 19 2016 5:39pm

Judicial ‘Pepsi Challenge’ fails as law students are unable to identify judges’ gender from their anonymised rulings

Durham University law students’ attempt to tell the gender of a judge on the basis...

Jun 19 2013 8:37am

Analysed: The Poor Posture And ‘Smug Smile’ Of Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger

Yesterday, hidden away at the bottom of Joshua Rozenberg’s article in The Guardian about judges’...

Feb 14 2013 10:12am

Solicitors Regulation Authority Fuses Judaism And Islam To Create New Religion

The Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) latest diversity survey has an eye-catching new ‘Jewish Muslim’ option...

Jan 7 2013 4:55pm

The Bar Conference In Tweets: Most Retweeted, Most Eye-Catching, Most Amusing

Amid the mutual back-slapping at Saturday’s 27th annual Bar conference, there was gossip, intrigue and...

Nov 12 2012 10:06am

‘The Chances You Don’t Take Are The Ones You Regret’

Ed note: This is the first in a series of posts where leading members of...

Oct 26 2012 10:20am

End Of The Day Round-Up

Trainee lawyer, 22, who sued cruise firm after being hit by flying sun lounger is...

Oct 8 2012 5:43pm

Chris Grayling Appointment: Top Ten Horrified Reactions

News of the first non-lawyer appointment to the role of Lord Chancellor since the Archbishop...

Sep 5 2012 10:12am

End Of The Day Round-Up

Law student shatters fellow student’s jaw, court told – News & Star Jemima Khan et...

Sep 4 2012 5:49pm

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 6 June

City lawyer ‘lost her £200,000 job after exposing corruption’ – The Telegraph Breivik murder trial...

Jun 6 2012 8:27am

#RoundMyKitchenTable: Orwell Prize Shortlisted Law Blogger Milly Bancroft On The Rise Of The New Media Set

On Tuesday, legal blogger Amanda “Milly” Bancroft found out, via Twitter, that she’d made the...

Apr 27 2012 1:58pm

Legal Tweeters Shunned In The Independent’s Twitter 100

The legal profession is waking up this morning to the distressing news that not a...

Mar 1 2012 10:00am

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 9 February

Wigs off, jeans on at the Judicial College – The Guardian Dickens v Lawyers –...

Feb 9 2012 8:58am