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Twitter tale from the Bar of the week

Overheard by pupil barrister @BenjaminFGray (not at the chambers where he is a pupil):

“blue shirts are not appropriate for someone under 5 years call”

Unlikely Twitter conversation of the week

Between The Lawyer magazine editor @lawyercatrin and Conservative MP @JakeReesMogg

Catrin: @JakeReesMogg problem with TV popular history is that it ostentatiously makes ALL the connections for you. Would rather work them out myself

Jacob:@lawyercatrin Also true. It is the over simplification one can’t abide.

Tweeter who’s still saying nothing at all of the week


Yet to tweet…

But, then, it’s been a tough week for ‘Herbies’

Lesson learnt through bitter experience of the week


Unwritten Rules: If anyone describes something that you know will be bloody difficult as “an opportunity” you know it won’t be them doing it

Hashtag of the week


Perfect hatrick from Legal Week pun guru @BenWheway:

Dewey & Frank LeBoeuf, CMS Cameron JeffKenna, Barlow Lyde & Gilberto Silva

Until next week…

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