AUNTIE EM’S HOMESPUN ADVICE FOR LAWYERS: “Pupillage is giving me nightmares”

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Dear Auntie Em,

I’m plagued by this terrible recurring dream I’ve been having since I started my pupillage just over a month ago.

It involves a pigeon and a squirrel walking along in a park. They seem normal enough, then the pigeon suddenly grins and reveals these ferocious sharp teeth, and bites the squirrel’s head off. That’s it. Pretty dark, eh?

I’m finding pupillage very stressful, but everything else in my life is OK. What does the dream mean? And what should I do about it?

Best regards,


Disclaimer: Auntie Em has never worked in a law firm. But she is an aunt and has a psychology degree. As a teenager, Auntie Em had a dream predicting 9/11.

Dear Jack,

Don’t worry. We’re all plagued with bad dreams from time to time. In fact, here’s one I had earlier:

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Freud believed dreams were a manifestation of subconscious desires, called wish-fulfilment. Jung said that dreams were the thoughts of your subconscious self…

I, on the other hand, think all that’s codswallap. Come on dear, you’re having bad dreams. That means something’s wrong and it’s not just your subconscious mind that knows it, you know it too.

You mention your pupillage and I’m going to take a guess that is what’s wrong. It’s an upheaval; a dramatic change. But more than that, it’s a commitment to a new life.

Pigeons eating squirrels ain’t normal. Be honest with yourself, allow yourself to be worried, stressed and a little bit scared of the future – and the dreams will go away. But the reality won’t. That’s life, luvvie.


Auntie Em

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