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New report reveals 34% pay gap between male and female barristers

Pay disparity remains substantial despite narrowing slightly

Oct 25 2022 12:06pm

Meet the aspiring barrister hoping to dismantle barriers and bring disability to the bar

BDABar founder Konstantina Nouka chats to Legal Cheek about her aims for the future

Feb 18 2022 10:23am

Barrister apprenticeships? Quite possibly says pupillage expert

There are barriers to overcome, but these are not 'insurmountable'

Sep 10 2021 11:09am

#MyRoutetotheBar: Tweeting barristers share their unconventional career paths

Features advice from a former window cleaner, lifeguard and nightclub DJ

Sep 30 2020 9:10am

‘It Has Taken Me Almost A Decade To Drop My Non-Public School Chippiness’

Ed note: This is the latest post in the ‘If I knew then what I...

Jan 11 2013 11:14am

The 4 Bits Of The Bar Council Chair’s Inaugural Speech That Matter For Junior Barristers And Bar Wannabes

Last night’s speech by incoming Bar Council chair Maura McGowan QC was full of diplomatic...

Dec 11 2012 10:18am

‘A barrister’s rhetorical flourishes can be seductive, but eventually they become an irritating distraction’

Ed note: This is the latest post in the ‘If I knew then what I...

Dec 7 2012 11:40am

Standards Slipping At The Bar…

Picture courtesy of must-follow legal tweeter Jeremy Hopkins.

Nov 22 2012 11:09am

Stop Insulting Powerful People With Cruel ‘Twits’ Gibes, Urges Bar Standards Board Chief

Yesterday on her blog Bar Standards Board (BSB) chief Baroness Ruth Deech argued that there...

Oct 29 2012 11:29am

Bar Social Mobility Week: Northerners Need Not Apply

This week is Bar social mobility placement week, with 69 high-achieving students from low-performing state...

Jul 12 2012 10:29am

Minimum Pupillage Award ‘Limits Flow Of Talent To The Bar’

Keep the minimum wage for trainee solicitors, but scrap it for pupil barristers, argues OccupyTheInns...

Apr 19 2012 9:45am

Apprentice Star Sparks Daily Mail Pupillage Coffee-Making Row

“If you had someone trained as a barrister, you wouldn’t have them running round making...

Apr 11 2012 2:05pm

Dismissed: Wannabe Barrister’s Claim That Minimum Pupillage Award Is Discriminatory To Black Africans

Like many Bar graduates, John Iteshi couldn’t get a pupillage – or even an interview...

Apr 3 2012 12:49pm

EXCLUSIVE: Cottaging At The Inner Temple – Police Patrolling Sex Venue Toilets

Inner Temple has been forced to call in the police to deal with groups of...

Mar 30 2012 9:01am

QC’s ‘Joke’ Lands Him In Trouble – But He’s Cleared Of Misconduct

As a coroner struggled to work her new iPad at an inquest for a man...

Mar 29 2012 10:56am

Killing Time In Pre-Pupillage Purgatory

Pupillage-less prospective barrister Jack Smith is wary of forking out yet more cash on a...

Mar 27 2012 9:58am

How To Get An Inns Of Court Scholarship

BPTC student Jack Smith, who’s in receipt of a full scholarship from Lincoln’s Inn, explains...

Mar 19 2012 1:43pm

Bar Social Mobility Scheme Strikes Blow For The 99%

Inner Temple’s work experience initiative is infused with the spirit of the Occupy movement, writes...

Mar 16 2012 10:29am

Got a 2:2? Want To Be a Barrister? Well, You’ve Got a Chance

While researching my article about sitting the Kaplan BPTC aptitude test for the Guardian this...

Mar 14 2012 1:53pm