Glimpse a Star: Legal Cheek Facebook Competition

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By Alex Aldridge on

Legal Cheek netted its 1,000th Twitter follower yesterday – not bad for a blog that’s only been going a couple of months. Thanks to everyone for following. In the meantime, we’ll keep working hard to bring you more life-changing content.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been doing great on Facebook – so far we have 72 likes on our page – despite the presence on it of lovely photos of Legal Cheek’s Kevin Poulter with celebrities such as Diane Abbott and Sue Perkins (pictured above).

I know many believe Facebook is a dying medium, now usurped by Twitter and Linkedin for work-related stuff, but with so many people on there it would be great if Legal Cheek could establish a stronger presence.

As we’ve been unable, so far, to make this happen organically, we’re launching a competition – into which everyone who likes us on Facebook will automatically be entered. Unlike those annoying legal mag competitions, they’ll be no essay writing or mooting. In fact, entrants won’t have to do anything – except like us on Facebook by the end of the month. Legal Cheek recognises that its readers are busy people.

The downside to this? Once you like us, we’ll hack into your Facebook account and mine it for information, which we’ll then use to make millions of pounds at your expense.

Oh, and there’s another catch. The prize. It’s not so good: a nine pack of Twixes, an exotic €5 note and an appearance on the #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast. Don’t fancy venturing to darkest east London to brave the podcast? Claim instead a signed picture of podcast co-host Poulter with a celebrity of your choice – options include the aforementioned pair of Diane Abbott/Sue Perkins, or individual shots with Joan Rivers and Cherie Blair (pictured below). For pics of Kevin with more celebrities, there’s only one place to be: the Legal Cheek Facebook page!