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Not many lawyer job adverts feature sentences like this: “Discretion is vital. You should not discuss your application, other than with your partner or a close family member, who should not tell anyone else.”

But, then, the secret services don’t often recruit lawyers.

The money isn’t great: £25,000 – £29,999 for a solicitor or barrister with “significant post qualification experience”. But it would be a great gig for generating dinner parties stories – dinner parties, that is, to which only a partner or close family member are invited. The advert in the Times states:

“MI5 safeguards the United Kingdom against threats to national security including terrorism, espionage, sabotage and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Join us as a Lawyer and you’ll be taking on a demanding, stimulating and rewarding role where your personal qualities will be valued as highly as your legal expertise. It’s a chance to contribute and really make a difference with immediate and individual responsibility.”

Not only must candidates keep schtum about their applications, but they have to complete a series of pre-screening questions. The successful ones will then have a security interview with a vetting officer.

It would be interesting to find out how the strict loyalty to the queen and country that spooks are required to show would square with a lawyer’s professional and ethical obligations. Want to find out? Click here to apply (but for god’s sake don’t tell anyone!)

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Mike farrell

I’m almost tempted to consider this, but have a sneaking suspicion I would end up working against the national interest than for it, particularly when my personal stance on human rights is probably not the same as an organisation that spends it time spying on people and allegedly colluding with organisations such as the CIA on such rule of law compliant issues of torture and rendition. I’m sure there is someone out there for whom the job would be just right though, and good luck to them 😀


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