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Criminal lawyers make ‘boring’ dinner party guests, says judge

Tells newspaper his wife insists on inviting only one at a time because 'they cannot resist boasting about their triumphs'

Dec 14 2021 12:00pm
Secret Barrister

Lawyers vent fury over survey which asked whether The Secret Barrister should be ‘unmasked’

Little appetite to find out identity of whistleblower

Oct 12 2018 2:27pm

People are poking fun at The Times after it described the Offences Against the Person Act as a ‘Victorian-era law’

'They'll have a fit when they discover where common law offences come from'

Aug 16 2017 2:05pm

Another Doughty Street barrister gets the tabloid treatment

Jennifer Robinson caught in crossfire as newspapers target key Labour figure

Jul 11 2017 4:43pm

Morning Round-Up: Monday 21 January

Threat to the courts system as barristers google jurors then alter speeches to win sympathy...

Jan 21 2013 9:18am

Top Barristers’ Chambers in National Newspaper ‘Pupilage’ Spelling Howler

An ad in yesterday’s law section of The Times contained a rather embarrassing spelling mistake…

Jan 18 2013 10:01am

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 10 January

Delhi gang rape lawyer says ‘no respectable woman’ would be raped [Huffington Post UK] ‘An...

Jan 10 2013 9:17am

Lord McAlpine’s Solicitor Warns Wannabes Off Career In Law

We picked up today’s The Times interview (£) with Lord McAlpine’s solicitor, Andrew Reid, in...

Dec 13 2012 1:12pm

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 13 December

Broadcasters pushing for cameras in court only want ‘rape, blood and gore’, claims peer [Press...

Dec 13 2012 9:24am

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 5 December

Free the Press, free the Judges [The Independent] Law firms: the priciest partnerships [The Economist]...

Dec 5 2012 8:37am

Interview: How To Become a Legal Commentator

Last Thursday, for the first time in ages, I bought a copy of The Times....

Nov 7 2012 11:20am

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 27 September

Shot burglars told by Judge Michael Pert QC ‘that’s the chance you take’ [The Sun]...

Sep 27 2012 8:13am

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 13 September

Zatman & Co rebrands as BBS Zatman and reveals new structure [Manchester Evening News] Solicitor...

Sep 13 2012 8:23am

Morning Round-Up: Monday 10 September

‘Litigation culture’ is making Britain less safe, says report [The Independent] It really DIDN’T fit:...

Sep 10 2012 8:18am

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 23 August

Law firm agrees sponsorship deal with Leeds United – SimpsonMillar.co.uk George Galloway ‘would have made...

Aug 23 2012 8:11am

Made in Chelsea: Millie’s Boyfriend Reveals Barrister Dream As Monday Excitement Builds For Times Law Prof Gary Slapper

I’ve written previously of my love for E4’s Made in Chelsea. But it seems that...

Apr 30 2012 3:10pm

DLA Piper Lawyer Had Affair With Russian Spy Anna Chapman

“What first attracted you to short, balding millionaire Paul Daniels?” Mrs Merton once memorably asked...

Apr 10 2012 12:29pm

The Times Mistakenly Features Barrister In Story – And 2 Days Later Still Hasn’t Removed Her Name

On Monday, Lucy Reed, a barrister at St John’s Chambers in Bristol, was surprised to...

Mar 28 2012 8:33am

Times Law 100: It’s Oxbridge-Educated White Men And Shami Chakrabarti, Again!

Another year, another list of the UK’s top 100 lawyers by The Times. And once...

Mar 15 2012 1:32pm

Top QC Blasts The Times’ Cycling Campaign

Cycling-mad barrister Martin Porter QC has rounded on a safe cycling campaign launched by The...

Feb 9 2012 3:39pm