#RoundMyKitchenTable: Do the Inns of Court Need Modernising?

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By Legal Cheek on

Why do the Inns of Court make public their combined £4.7m scholarship fund, but refuse to disclose the revenue they generate from their massive property portfolios? Inner Temple recruitment manager Anthony Dursi sheds some light on this bugbear of journalist Alex Aldridge, while corporate lawyer Kevin Poulter wonders out loud whether anyone really cares.

There’s also inside info on Inns scholarships. Which Inns interview all applicants? Which award according to need? Which award on merit only?

Plus Dursi, Aldridge and Poulter share their contrasting views on Occupy London’s plan to conduct mock trials of bankers in a disused Old Street coutroom. And Dursi reveals how Inner Temple felt about last year’s bid by a disgruntled law graduate to occupy the Inns of Court.