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BBC takes ‘fresh look’ at the legal profession with new podcast for aspiring lawyers

‘Not All Lawyers Have Law Degrees’ champions atypical routes into law

Jun 21 2021 11:04am

Will lawyers flock to NewLaw in search of greater flexibility?

We speak to Level ahead of this afternoon’s Living Room Law virtual conference 🎙️

Apr 22 2021 11:30am

Podcast: Why I left a magic circle law firm to re-discover my passion for photography and art

We speak to finance lawyer Salome Coker, ahead of her appearance at next week's Living Room Law virtual conference 🎙️

Apr 15 2021 3:01pm

Legal Cheek Podcast: Meet the Durham Uni law student tackling mental health

We sit down with social entrepreneur Lewis Baxter ?

Apr 24 2020 10:17am

Legal Cheek Podcast: How lawyers can build their brand

We go behind the scenes with YouTube star and personal injury lawyer Chrissie Wolfe

Mar 11 2020 10:44am

A conversation with barrister Jamie Susskind about his new book Future Politics

What does the transformational power of technology mean for law students and lawyers?

Nov 19 2018 4:44pm

How ex-Linklaters solicitor Julia Salasky created a start-up to crowdfund justice

Is this the future in a world where legal aid is almost non-existent for challenging fundamental human rights issues?

Jun 26 2015 2:20pm

The law students providing legal advice to the Silicon Roundabout

What's it like advising east London tech entrepreneurs about the law?

Mar 11 2014 11:40am

Day of action: ‘My uni mates went to magic circle firms, I chose the criminal Bar’

23 Essex Street junior Vicky Gainza finds the Crown Prosecution Service's threat to withhold work from striking barristers scary — but not as scary as the alternative of doing nothing to prevent the government's legal aid cuts.

Mar 6 2014 5:37pm

Has an Oxbridge law degree lost its value?

Final year Cambridge law students Zahra Mashhood and Loviisa Langdon consider the impact of recent moves by the legal profession to draw graduates from a wider pool.

Feb 12 2014 12:07pm

Interview: Law student facing exclusion from Sussex Uni will draw upon Occupy legal challenge to fuel barrister dream

Most law students would consider the prospect of being excluded by their university to be a nightmare. But not Michael Segalov.

Jan 30 2014 8:54am

Can an Oxbridge law degree put you off becoming a lawyer?

Earlier this week a leaked email revealed that law students were the worst performers at...

Jan 16 2014 12:20pm

Interview: Glamour model and law student Vanessa Knowles on her quest to bag a training contract

In autumn we reported on the glamour model who has used an Amazon Wishlist, and...

Jan 7 2014 9:41am

Podcast: Do you have a better chance of landing a training contract if you do your law degree in London?

The growing separation between recovering London and the struggling rest of the country poses an...

Dec 12 2013 1:43pm

Podcast: How barristers can make an impact on social mobility

We gathered together Young Barristers’ Committee chair Hannah Kinch, Citizenship Foundation programme manager Paul Bower...

Dec 4 2013 1:01pm

What do Bar graduates think of the new Inns of Court scheme to create ‘dozens’ of extra pupillages next year?

The new Inns of Court subsidy scheme to help publicly-funded chambers offer more pupillages caused...

Nov 7 2013 12:41pm

Exclusive interview: Founder of Facebook sensation ‘Things Law Students Don’t Say’ reveals all (apart from his identity)

If the Midlands-based LLB student behind ‘Things Law Students Don’t Say’ was to mobilise the...

Oct 3 2013 11:39am

Podcast: ‘Should I call off my hunt for a training contract?’

A year after finishing the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Queen Mary University of London...

Sep 24 2013 1:27pm

Podcast: Hard-working Generation Y puts Xers to shame — but will the graft pay off?

Once upon a time, when higher education was free and jobs plentiful, a generation of...

Sep 3 2013 1:02pm

Podcast: What sexy law-related careers are there other than the Bar?

Like many young hopefuls, Thomas Connelly and Nathan Akhavan-Moossavi both found themselves drawn to the...

Aug 23 2013 9:06am