LPC Student In ‘I HATE COLLEGE OF LAW’ Facebook Rant

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By Legal Cheek on

The College of Law’s Facebook page is usually a happy place, where wannabe lawyers post polite queries which are promptly answered by members of the law school’s digital team.

But on Wednesday there was trouble in paradise.

“I HATE COLLEGE OF LAW,” wrote LPC student Jafar Jawid in angry block capitals on the page.

To which the College of Law, all smiles even when in receipt of such upsetting news, responded:

“Hi Jafar. Sorry to hear you feel that way – can we help with anything?”

Jafar Jawid: Gunning for the College of Law

Jawid (pictured), who is studying full-time at the College of Law’s Bloomsbury centre, then explained the basis of his hatred for the law school:

“well, its all business based ,just moeny [sic], money and money..they say we have an open door policy regarding teachers..u can ask them at any time any question u like..but once we are outside the class, so after the workshops, they are never willing to help as their standard answer would be: we have covered this in the class..”

Jawid continued: “u pay sooooo much money for nothing..i do nott [sic] believe in all this advertisement..PERFECT FUTURE FOR FUTURE LAWYERS ETC ETC..i am reallllly disappointed for choosing for col, and the exams are reallllllllllllly hard to pass at col..if i may advice other students i would say DONT WASTE 13.000 POUND and do nottt [sic] choose for col…”

The exchange, which has since been deleted, went on:

The College of Law: “Hi Jafar. Would it help to speak to someone at the College? If you can e-mail your preferred contact details to facebook@lawcol.co.uk, we’ll arrange for someone to contact you when the office opens tomorrow. Hope this helps.”

Jafar Jawid: “Sounds good, I am amazed at least some one is dealing with student’s request properly, I do appreciate this, many thanks..and yes surely I will contact you on the above email adresse [sic], see what they do. regards.”

The College of Law: “No worries Jafar – happy to help. We’ll pass on your details when we receive them and make sure someone gets back to you tomorrow morning.”

Jawid isn’t the only College of Law student to have publicly expressed strong dislike for the organisation – which could soon be sold. In 2008, College of Law Moorgate LPC alumnus Sharon Ajakaiye posted online a 40-page paper entitled, ‘WHY THE COLLEGE OF LAW IS THE ‘COLLEGE OF HELL’.