Michael Mansfield QC: ‘The Johnny Depp Of The Legal World’

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By Alex Aldridge on

“Radical; vegetarian; socialist. These three words are rarely used in conjunction with lawyers, but these are the three that encapsulate Michael Mansfield QC,” begins last week’s Oxford University student newspaper profile of well-known human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield (pictured left).

“In a mystifying world, brim-full of traditions, wigs, and lots of Latin,” it continues, “you can imagine the excitement I felt when I was told that I would be having dinner with a Queen’s Counsel. And not just any QC, but the Johnny Depp (pictured right) of the legal world.”

Michael Mansfield: the Johnny Depp of the legal world? Really?

For sufferers of Oxbridge inferiority complexes who are in need of a confidence boost, the full Oxford Student profile interview of Captain Jack Mansfield is available here.

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