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How do I fund my Oxbridge law dream?

Any advice is greatly appreciated

Sep 18 2018 11:58am

Oxford trumps Cambridge in world law school rankings, again

Eight UK institutions land top 50 slots, a drop on last year's results

Mar 9 2017 11:00am

My 2:1 stopped me from becoming a top barrister, argues solicitor as he sues Oxford University

Faiz Siddiqui wants £1 million in damages for lost bar dream

Dec 5 2016 10:25am

Revealed: Nearly 60% of rookie barristers did their undergraduate degree at Oxbridge

The 2016-17 Chambers Most List – released today – makes for sobering reading for wannabe lawyers at lesser unis

Sep 28 2016 11:38am

Legal Cheek talks… comments

Katie King and Tom Connelly go below the line and respond to the readers

Sep 16 2016 4:50pm

Research: Over 70% of top judges and barristers are privately educated or Oxbridge

Little progress on social mobility at Bar for quarter of a century

Feb 24 2016 12:06pm

Charlotte Proudman blames uni drinking societies for lack of women lawyers

High profile junior barrister says boozey bonding blocks female influence -- but figures suggest other causes may be to blame

Oct 26 2015 3:49pm

Cambridge law student seeks to track down Pride barrister so he can make work experience plea

Bar hopeful is offering cake in return for information

Jun 29 2015 11:39am

Advice: ‘I met my conditions for Durham, but my grades are good enough for me to re-apply to Oxbridge’

Last week I received this email from an A-level student who is considering taking a...

Aug 19 2013 9:12am

‘Much Of What I Thought I Knew, And What Other People Had Told Me, Would Turn Out To Be Wrong’

Ed note: This is the latest post in the ‘If I knew then what I...

Mar 8 2013 10:56am

Goodbye Solicitor And Barrister, Hello ‘Legal Process Analyst’ – Review: ‘Tomorrow’s Lawyers’ By Richard Susskind

As you’d expect, the inquiries Professor Richard Susskind encourages legal hopefuls to make in the ‘Questions...

Feb 13 2013 10:22am

‘I Look Forward To Meeting You On 31 Sept As Well’: Cambridge Law Student Taunts ‘Sloppy’ Law Firm Grad Recruiters

As a strategy to land a job, Sebastian Salek’s decision to pen an article for...

Jan 8 2013 11:36am

‘We Must End Oxbridge’s Stranglehold On The Bar And Look Instead To The Russell Group’

OccupyTheInns argues that the recent increase of Oxbridge representation among pupil barristers is bad news...

Nov 16 2012 3:10pm

Knowing Me Alan Partridge, Knowing You Norfolk Poly: Why Cheesy £350 UCAS Statements Will Only Take You So Far

Yesterday The Observer announced it had “discovered” that sixth-formers are paying up to £350 for...

Oct 15 2012 1:12pm

‘Ditch University Snobbery’, Says Lawyer-Turned-MP Whose Oxford AND Cambridge Degrees Helped Him Net Linklaters Job

There’s more evidence of the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do mentality that is coming to define this government in...

Jul 30 2012 9:11am

ADVICE: Are Big Law Firms Still Old Boys’ Clubs?

I received this email from a prospective Open University law student the other day… My...

Jul 19 2012 10:15am

Persuading The Law School Turkeys To Vote For Christmas

Yesterday I urged the assembled luminaries at the Westminster Legal Policy Forum to do something...

May 23 2012 10:37am

Michael Mansfield QC: ‘The Johnny Depp Of The Legal World’

“Radical; vegetarian; socialist. These three words are rarely used in conjunction with lawyers, but these...

Feb 29 2012 12:01pm

Do Trainees And Pupils ‘Contribute Nothing’?

At 2.30pm yesterday Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge was beginning to panic. The arranged guest...

Feb 24 2012 3:56pm

A Letter To My 18 Year-Old Oxbridge-Hating Self

Sarah Gillbe, who skipped uni to work as a legal secretary before becoming a solicitor,...

Feb 8 2012 1:48pm