Do Trainees And Pupils ‘Contribute Nothing’?

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By Legal Cheek on

At 2.30pm yesterday Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge was beginning to panic. The arranged guest for the #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast – hosted by Alex and rising star lawyer Kevin Poulter – had pulled out. With recording due to begin at 530pm, what was Aldridge going to do?

Lord Denning: disappointed to miss out on Legal Cheek podcast appearance

Grabbing his grubby laptop, the gutter legal journalist logged into the Legal Cheek twitter account and put out a desperate plea. Much to his gratification, thousands of people responded, including Cherie Blair, Kenneth Clarke and even the great Lord Denning.

But in keeping with Legal Cheek’s commitment to keeping it real, Aldridge selected @Safety_Valve, a pupillage-less BPTC graduate with a first class degree and an Oxbridge masters.

Hours later @Safety_Valve was sitting around Aldridge’s kitchen table, having wine poured for her by the always-attentive Kevin Poulter. The trio’s discussion – featuring unmissable chat about the ‘pupil vs coffee’ affair which saw Simon Myerson QC argue that pupils “contribute nothing” to chambers – is below for your convenience.

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