Lawyer Etiquette: Is It OK To Be Photographed Barefoot?

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By Alex Aldridge on

On Monday, I ran a story about the dad of Hugo from Made in Chelsea, who is SJ Berwin solicitor-advocate Tim Taylor QC. Judging by an interview Taylor senior did with his firm’s in-house magazine, in which he boasted of his ability to balance a glass of Chablis on his forehead and drink it without using his hands, he seems like a fun chap.

Keen to find out more about this legal wild man, several Legal Cheek readers clicked through to the PDF version of the SJ Berwin magazine, where they were alarmed to find this picture of Taylor senior posing barefoot (I’m sure the kindly people at SJ Berwin won’t sue me for nicking their pic, this being Maundy Thursday).

“OMG I’d had enough after the drinking games…w/o feet!” tweeted disgusted criminal barrister Felicity Gerry after reading the story.

“It’s tough for the beautiful,” added @CrimeCounsel.

Before the Justice Gap’s Kim Evans weighed in with the inspired suggestion: “I think I will organise a naked lawyers for charity calendar….”

“Put me down for July and August doublespread,” wrote lawyer Robert Hardy-McBride ā€¸hurriedly in response.

See what you’ve done Hugo’s dad…