Russell Brand Becomes Engrossed By Legal Profession In Wake Of Katy Perry Split

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By Alex Aldridge on

Newly single Russell Brand has turned to Bloomberg Law, the legal TV channel, to take his mind off his recent split from singer Katy Perry.

The star, who is famed for his addictive personality, is said to have discovered the channel after allegedly throwing a mobile phone through the window of a law firm following his break-up with Perry. Soon after, he became hooked.

But what are Brand and his friend thinking while they watch Bloomberg Law? I’m pretty sure it’s this…

Brand: “It’s frustrating how Bloomberg Law glosses over the detailed regulatory aspect of the change sweeping the legal profession in the wake of the implementation of the final provisions of the Legal Services Act.”

Brand’s friend: “I agree, that’s why I’m so thankful for LegalFutures, which really is a great resource for those in search of a more detailed look at the changing regime of barrister and solicitor regulation.”