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Meet the lawyer working with some of the UK’s most exciting tech, media and entertainment start-ups

Harbottle & Lewis partner Tom Macleod sits down with Legal Cheek

Jan 10 2024 8:52am

Research: Nearly three quarters of Brits believe mainstream media ‘misreports’ the law

Over half think the Supreme Court tried to block Brexit and 'defy the will of the people'

Sep 3 2020 11:22am

The rise of the new media lawyers

Remote-working, low overhead model that allows for work-life balance is shaking up provision of defamation law

Jul 6 2017 3:58pm

Times Law Cartoonist: ‘I Have To Pay To Read My Own Cartoons Behind The Paywall’

This is – as a UK-based foreign football manager might say – a difficult moment for...

Dec 4 2012 3:13pm

Leveson And The Internet: Would Regulation Be A Good Thing For Legal Bloggers?

There was a brilliant cartoon in The Sun over the weekend making light of the...

Dec 3 2012 11:43am

Observer Hints That Solicitor Called ‘Chris’ May Have Been Involved In Civil Procedure Rules Breach. But Who’s ‘Chris’?

Yesterday may not have been the most relaxing Sunday for a mystery media law partner...

Oct 8 2012 10:09am

Conflict Of Interest? Leveson Silk Robert Jay QC Is Ed Miliband’s Wife’s Head Of Chambers

As you may or may not know, Ed Miliband’s wife, Justine Thornton, is a barrister...

Jun 13 2012 8:00am

Russell Brand Becomes Engrossed By Legal Profession In Wake Of Katy Perry Split

Newly single Russell Brand has turned to Bloomberg Law, the legal TV channel, to take...

Apr 3 2012 8:12am

Radio 4 Legal Show ‘Law in Action’ Hit By BBC Cuts

Law in Action, the long-running Radio 4 legal programme, is to have its funding scaled...

Apr 2 2012 8:52am

Lord Neuberger Slams Judges For Appearing on MasterChef

Never upstage the boss. And that rule applies double when your boss is Master of...

Mar 19 2012 11:23am

Lunch with Legal Cheek: Mark Stephens

You can change the world through law, star media lawyer Mark Stephens tells Emily Jupp,...

Mar 6 2012 1:59pm

Julian Assange’s ex-Lawyer Re-Brands as Fitness Guru

Yesterday, it was with considerable surprise that I happened upon ‘Jogging with the FT: Mark...

Jan 9 2012 3:17pm


Follow @AlasdairIS But despite the complaints from lawyers and disinterest from the press, the fact...

Dec 1 2011 11:05am