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Elton John introduced Prince Harry to celebrity barrister David Sherborne whilst on holiday in France

Top 5RB tenant represents Duke in alleged phone-hacking trial in High Court this week

Jun 8 2023 12:17pm

Law student marries princess ‘but fails bar exam’

Mixed few days for Kei Komuro

Nov 2 2021 12:30pm

Royal baby tweet barrister cleared by London law firm

Family Law Cafe finds no evidence of 'discriminatory practice' in relation to CEO's post

Jul 2 2021 2:23pm

Family barrister suspended following ‘offensive and unacceptable’ Royal baby tweet

Joanna Toch apologises after ill-judged remark

Jun 8 2021 10:04am

What is Queen’s consent and why it matters

First-year law student Michal Smigla explores the obscure feature of our constitution and explains why it should be abolished

Feb 15 2021 10:30am

BBC calls on Lord Dyson to oversee Princess Diana interview investigation

Former Master of the Rolls and Supreme Court judge to start straight away

Nov 19 2020 12:40pm

Prince Harry rumoured to be dating actress who plays a paralegal in Suits

Royal's fascination with lawyers continues

Oct 31 2016 9:57am

‘They Were Lovely!’ Bar Students Suck Up To Wills And Kate

Yesterday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Middle Temple, their first public outing since...

Oct 9 2012 8:24am

6 Lawyers Honoured In Queen’s Birthday List, But Recognition For Basket Maker And Pig Guru Takes Shine Off Accolades

Two judges, a QC and the head of the Crown Prosecution Service woke up over...

Jun 18 2012 9:31am

Kate Middleton’s In-House Lawyer Ex-Boyfriend To Marry Marquess’ Daughter

When St Andrews University law student Rupert Finch pulled a hot first year called Kate...

Jun 6 2012 2:48pm

Isn’t It About Time That a Valid Constitutional Purpose Was Served By Our Queen?

She is the single biggest drain on the benefits system. Her grandchildren throw weddings that...

Jun 1 2012 9:52am

Shearman & Sterling Lawyer Could Be Jailed For Pointing Gun At Photographer

The lawyer who was pictured aiming what looked like a semi-automatic pistol as he drove...

Apr 18 2012 2:15pm

Royal Charter Spurs Awed CILEX Lawyers To Remove Shoes: EXCLUSIVE PICS

The Royal Charter conferred recently upon law’s plucky underdogs, legal executives, carries great power, elevating...

Mar 28 2012 12:26pm

Camilla Becomes Honorary Barrister – as BPTC Fees Rise to £16.5K For The Proles

As the cost of doing the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) rises another notch to...

Feb 16 2012 3:38pm