Danger! High Voltage: The College Of Law Ad Causing Chaos On The Tube

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By Alex Aldridge on

I spotted this ad for the College of Law on the Tube at King’s Cross yesterday evening – and nearly fell onto the tracks as I strained to read the spectacularly tiny small print at the bottom.

Fortunately, a jobless LPC graduate next to me on the platform agreed to venture down onto the tracks and take a picture to reveal what the small print said – in return for my promise of an introduction to a law firm about an unpaid paralegal internship and a spare 25p I had in my pocket.

For the less sharp-sighted of you, that’s “Based on known destinations of students across all centres passing the full-time LPC in summer 2011”

Sadly, a train arrived at this point, but not before the plucky law graduate had managed to toss me his camera.