PODCAST: Becoming a Lawyer In The Eddie Stobart Chambers Era (And How Graduates Can Woo Law Firms With Their Social Media Prowess)

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By Alex Aldridge on

Following Thursday’s news that Eddie Stobart lorries is launching a barristers’ arm, law graduates Cathryn Kozlowski and Krish Nair (AKA The Training Contract Hawk) explain how they feel about entering a profession in flux where lawyers’ high status is no longer assured.

The pair also recount the successes they have enjoyed since they entered the glittering world of social media. Last autumn, when Kozlowski and Nair contributed some of the first ever blogs to Legal Cheek after the site launched in October, they worked, respectively, in a non-law job and as an adviser at the Citizens Advice Bureau, foraging by night for training contracts…

"Look, I did a Twitter!"

But since then Kozlowski has gone onto snare a paralegal role at a top London law firm – a vindication of her decision to turn down a similar job at a lesser firm in the process – while Nair has been published twice in The Guardian and secured a full-time position as a legal writer at specialist immigration firm Mulberry Finch.

Both reckon blogging and Twitter have helped them stand out from the crowd – contradicting the argument put forward by Orwell Prize shortlisted law blogger Amanda Bancroft in a Legal Cheek podcast last month that it’s safer for wannabe lawyers not to develop public online profiles. Bancroft gave this example (taken from The Guardian website) of what not to do:

Listen below to the reflections of Kozlowski and Nair on life as 20-somethings in recessionary Britain and where they see themselves fitting into a changing legal market.

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