Dog Bite Judge Beatrice Bolton: ‘Judges Are Human And They Can Only Take So Much’

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Former Crown Court judge Beatrice Bolton achieved fame when she stormed out of court after being convicted of letting her German shepherd bite a neighbour. She retired on medical grounds earlier this year, before a disciplinary inquiry into her behaviour had concluded.

Speaking publicly for the first time about this traumatic period to Sky Tyne and Wear over the weekend, Bolton explained how she spiralled into severe depression after the dog bite incident.

The second part of the interview, in which Bolton suggests that “nobody else would have been prosecuted” for her offence and labels the police as “absolutely appalling”, is below:

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Anne Holden

This situation appears to have been going on for some time to accrue 3 different dog episodes, I would be interested to know the last date she presided as a Judge in court. Was there any indication of mental health problems before she stormed out of the court because she did not like judgement being passed on her for her lack of due diligence in looking after her dogs. When was it decided that she had mental illness? What credence can you give to the previous Judgements she gave to others in the run up to this? Why was she on full pay for a year? Why is it that when Judges are found to do wrong they are either given a reprimand or they resign? Why are they not sacked?


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