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Are we barking up the wrong tree about animal rights?

Legal Cheek's Will Holmes explains how animal rights are being misunderstood

Jul 26 2022 8:56am

6 animals that look like Chris Grayling

Some have lampooned Chris Grayling for his lack of a legal qualification. Others have sought...

May 23 2013 2:04pm

Day Of Reckoning Arrives For Court Interpreting Company Which Offered Jobs To Animals

Applied Language Solutions (ALS), the gaffe-prone interpreting service awarded the exclusive right to supply interpreters...

Oct 15 2012 6:29am

Dog Bite Judge Beatrice Bolton: ‘Judges Are Human And They Can Only Take So Much’

Former Crown Court judge Beatrice Bolton achieved fame when she stormed out of court after...

Jul 31 2012 9:45am

Lawyers Are Like Meerkats And Naked Vole Rats, Claims Ex-Freshfields Managing Partner

Thought that corporate law was all about the survival of the fittest and the drive...

Jul 23 2012 9:29am

‘Lawyer Cat’ Meme In Threat To ‘Lawyer Dog’ Supremacy

Last Wednesday I brought you the news that the ‘Lawyer Dog’ meme had gone viral,...

Apr 25 2012 3:20pm

‘Lawyer Dog’ Meme Goes Viral

Legal Cheek‘s associate editor Emily Jupp, who by day works as a journalist in the...

Apr 18 2012 8:52am