EXCLUSIVE: Drug Possession Pupil Barrister Henry Mostyn Is Rejected For Tenancy

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In May, 4 New Square chambers opted not to sack one its pupils, Henry Mostyn, after he was caught by police with cocaine and ecstasy while queuing outside a Shoreditch nightclub.

Some admired 4 New Square’s liberalism. Others questioned whether Mostyn had been made a special case of by virtue of his high profile father, High Court judge Sir Nicholas Mostyn QC.

Meanwhile, there were murmurings that Mostyn had merely been given a stay of execution and that 4 New Square was not planning to keep him on when he finished his pupillage in the summer.

Well, those murmurings proved right…

Last Thursday, 4 New Square welcomed Mostyn’s fellow pupil, Michael Ryan, as a new tenant at the set. But no mention was made of the fate of Mostyn himself, whose profile remains on 4 New Square’s website. This morning, though, the chambers’ chief practice manager, Lizzy Stewart, confirmed that Mostyn hadn’t been kept on.

Eton and Oxford-educated Mostyn could be in for a difficult time if he perseveres with a career at the Bar.

As Richard Todd QC put it while defending Mostyn at his May Bar Standards Board (BSB) disciplinary hearing: “The caution [given by the police to Mostyn when he was caught with the drugs] itself has an impact – it will have a bearing on future applications, whether for [crown court] recorder or Queen’s Counsel.”

Todd added: “It is going to have an impact on visas and a very lucrative line of work – working overseas…Mr Mostyn wants to work in the commercial work and it may well be he’ll have to forget about that.”


Conrad Eoin

The things in the photo look a lot like macaroons as seen from above. Take a moment and picture a club full of people eating macaroons from little baggies.


hmostyn [spoof]


Laugh all you want, but when I attend elite east end establishments (as I will have much more time to do now), I always bring my bag of macaroons with me. That way, when the cops come, I can just dump my cocaine in there, and let them try to sort out which is which. I used to hope this would make it inadmissible as evidence as it had been tampered with.

I was wrong unfortunately, but then I’m not a criminal barrister. Or any barrister now LOL!


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