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Why I think you should be able to buy illegal drugs from licensed shops

The law on drugs and why it’s so, so wrong

Aug 8 2016 10:25am

Research: wannabe barristers are the biggest law student druggies

Legal Practice Course counterparts are the least keen, but when wannabe solicitors do take drugs they have penchant for cocaine

Jun 16 2015 10:04am

Exclusive Legal Cheek survey: 27% of lawyers take recreational drugs

And it’s not just a spliff round the barbecue — nearly 80% of users are keen on class-A gear

Jun 15 2015 12:00am

Lawyer Drops Joint In Court – In Front Of Police Officers

Monday was a bad day for US prosecutor Jason Cantrell… The full story is at...

Oct 3 2012 12:01pm

EXCLUSIVE: Drug Possession Pupil Barrister Henry Mostyn Is Rejected For Tenancy

In May, 4 New Square chambers opted not to sack one its pupils, Henry Mostyn,...

Jul 9 2012 9:55am

Drug Arrest Of Pupil Henry Mostyn Is ‘Fuss About Nothing’

I have followed the saga about Henry Mostyn, the pupil found with a small amount...

May 31 2012 12:15pm

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 29 May

Henry Mostyn: Reaction Barrister son of top judge who left wife for widow of divorce...

May 29 2012 6:27am

The Most Dysfunctional Law Firm Ever?

The recently released testimony of dodgy American lawyer Scott Rothstein – sentenced to 50 years...

Jan 6 2012 3:59pm