Law Lecturer In Sex (And Other Stuff)-For-Grades Scandal

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By Legal Cheek on

In the good old days, sleeping with a lecturer was sufficient to get your grades bumped up to a first or distinction.

But in these tough economic times, it seems that mere sex is no longer enough.

According to court documents, National University of Singapore law student Ko Wen Hui, 23, not only had to have sex with her lecturer, Tey Tsun Hang (the pair are pictured left), in order to improve her grades, but gift the 41-year old:

a Mont Blanc pen,

an iPod,

two tailor-made shirts, and

S$1,278.60 (£651).

Below is some video coverage on the case from the Straits Times:

If convicted, Tey faces a fine of up to S$100,000 (£50,000) and a maximum jail term of five years for each of the six charges against him.