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There will be no British judges on International Court of Justice bench for the first time ever

UK withdraws its candidate after facing stiff competition from Indian judge

Nov 21 2017 10:43am

Kim Kardashian reveals law school hopes

News comes after reports she asked Amal Clooney for a mini-pupillage at Doughty Street Chambers

Sep 22 2016 6:12pm

Experience: I have worked as a lawyer in Melbourne, Madrid and New York

Legal Cheek Careers meets Herbert Smith Freehills' well-travelled senior associate Marianna Schneider

Jul 27 2016 11:00am

The next legal boom? India to open legal market to international law firms

Some welcome news amid Brexit chaos for London's megafirms

Jul 4 2016 7:48am

For heaven’s sake! Man applies for restraining order against God

Official court documents noted that the Almighty failed to attend the hearing

May 6 2016 2:31pm

Would UK contract law have helped to free Kesha?

World is reeling from New York court’s ruling -- prompting queries about how Britain would handle the case

Feb 25 2016 1:33pm

Law student charged with hacking into uni computer system to boost his marks

Aussie wannabe lawyer's alleged desperation for top grades could scupper career

Dec 3 2015 3:30pm

‘I’m a silk and you’re not!’ — lawyers’ incredibly childish clash caught on camera

You could get away with this sort of thing in small jurisdictions -- before YouTube

Nov 16 2015 5:13pm

Hogan Lovells in mourning after young lawyer murdered in Paris attacks

LSE graduate Valentin Ribet killed at the Bataclan concert hall

Nov 16 2015 8:36am

Lawyers: a car park comparison

Image captures difference between haves and have-nots in corporate law

Oct 29 2015 5:28pm

Lawyer falls for latest Facebook ‘legal contract’ privacy hoax

If in doubt, cite the "Rome Statute"

Sep 29 2015 5:19pm

Lawyers’ ethics: who would you save first in a fire — your mum or girlfriend?

Chinese judicial ethics exam asks wannabe lawyers to decide

Sep 29 2015 11:09am

Lawyer issues unborn daughter with notice to quit wife’s tummy

Overdue daughter is born three hours after legal papers are issued

Sep 10 2015 11:49am

An 18 year old kid has qualified as a solicitor

Child prodigy Aussie is a month older than BPTC graduate Gabrielle Turnquest when she was called to the bar in 2013

Sep 9 2015 11:23am

Law student finds ‘time capsule’ note from 1980s hidden in library book

Scrap of paper dating back to 1986 invites people to write the date and what they are doing

Sep 2 2015 11:29am

Why it’s risky to dance like nobody’s watching when the court has CCTV

A police officer in Italy’s supreme court has achieved global YouTube fame after being caught...

Aug 7 2013 12:18pm