Yet Another No Show: The ‘Personal Reasons Beyond Their Control’ Blighting Celeb Lawyers’ Lives

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“Ooh, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC will be speaking,” I thought as I read the flyer for Wednesday evening’s launch of the new higher apprenticeship for legal services.

So, keen to hear what the fiery Glaswegian had to say about the school-leaver route into law, I went along. But upon arrival, I was handed a grease-stained piece of paper telling me this:

OK, that grease stain may have been caused be me gorging on canapés to ease my disappointment.

In hindsight, I should have known this would happen. This is my third straight legal celeb event where the touted star has failed to turn up.

The others? Justice Gap’s March ‘Panel debate with Michael Mansfield QC’, which turned out to be a panel debate without Michael Mansfield QC (although they did manage to get barrel-of-laughs human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce to cover at the last minute).

Then there was the College of Law’s ‘Diversity at the Bar’ debate, which was to be chaired by Cherie Blair QC. Sadly, Blair bailed the day before, forcing the poor College of Law to cancel.

Now, while some journos get to go to celeb events every night, these things are a big deal to me. So please, household name lawyers, can you start bothering to turn up?



How kind of you to remind me of one of the most anxiety inducing moments of my life; the non attendance of Michael Mansfield QC at our Justice Gap debate. Mr. Mansfield was in a trial at the time and was delayed with a witness. (Did that make me feel better? In a word…) Gareth Peirce, whilst being somewhat ‘intense’ I found to be quite inspirational, actually making me wonder if giving up my regular 3am callouts to ungrateful clients in the police station wasn’t a mistake. Don’t worry, I soon recovered.
Sorry you didn’t get to worship at the feet of MM Alex, I have a copy of his book if you’d like to borrow it? Kim


hmostyn [spoof]

“OK, that grease stain may have been caused be me gorging on canapés to ease my disappointment.”

I don’t think that’s the only stain-causing thing you were doing over a piece of paper sometime held by the Baroness to ease your disappointment. It’s ok, at least it isn’t some item of Blair’s you were easing your disappointment over with such visible results.


Shibley (@legalaware)

Kim’s comment above is excellent!


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