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Lord Harley’s return to legal profession squashed by CILEx

Chartered legal executive regulator bans Alan Blacker for failing to disclose past misconduct

Jan 24 2022 9:27am

SQE rival for school leavers gets go-ahead

CILEX says new route to qualification will be "more affordable" than Solicitors Qualifying Exam

Jul 5 2021 1:26pm

CILEx launches SQE rival for school leavers

Training body creates new route to lawyer qualification which will cost a maximum of £12.5k

Feb 11 2021 9:08am

Ban for legal assistant who lied about passing exams

‘Altered’ letter to show CILEx assessment success

Jul 9 2020 11:24am

Pride 2019: Lawyers take to London’s streets to celebrate LGBT+ rights

Pride Jubilee marked half-century since Stonewall uprising

Jul 8 2019 12:47pm

The reality of taking the CILEx route: ‘I work just as hard as a solicitor for less money and less respect’

An anonymous trainee legal exec thinks attitudes to the apprenticeship need to change

May 26 2017 9:01am

Lawyers champion ‘recyclable’ fund to finance civil cases where legal aid can’t

If you win your case, some of your damages go back into the fund

Jul 18 2016 8:23am

City lawyers can’t agree if they should fill the legal aid gap

National Pro Bono week kicks off with a disagreement about Justice Secretary Michael Gove's grand plan

Nov 3 2015 10:14am

From asylum seeker to legal apprentice

Years of fighting to stay in Britain got Muna Ahmed interested in the law

Jul 20 2015 12:59pm

Law Society ditches ‘legal executive of the year’ prize as new path emerges to rival training contract

For the first time since 2008 there will be no ‘legal executive of the year’...

Jul 4 2013 2:42pm

‘Much Of What I Thought I Knew, And What Other People Had Told Me, Would Turn Out To Be Wrong’

Ed note: This is the latest post in the ‘If I knew then what I...

Mar 8 2013 10:56am

Will The Next Generation Of Apprentice Lawyers Become Solicitors Or Legal Executives?

Over Christmas, the announcement by minister for skills Matthew Hancock that school-leavers students will soon...

Jan 17 2013 10:51am

‘As Just A Normal Bloke I Couldn’t Imagine Myself Being Able To Make It Into This Exclusive Club’

Ed note: This is the fifth in a series of posts where leading members of...

Nov 23 2012 11:56am

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 8 November

Barrister celebrates 90th birthday in…court [Joshua Rozenberg via Twitter] UK’s relationship with the Council of...

Nov 8 2012 9:31am

Please, No More ‘Nietzsche And The Law’! Why Americans Are Looking Enviously At The GDL Route To Legal Qualification

In comparison to our odd system of legal education – which sprawls haphazardly from the...

Oct 23 2012 12:50pm

‘Ditch University Snobbery’, Says Lawyer-Turned-MP Whose Oxford AND Cambridge Degrees Helped Him Net Linklaters Job

There’s more evidence of the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do mentality that is coming to define this government in...

Jul 30 2012 9:11am

A Neat Solution To The Legal Education And Training Puzzle

At the end of the Legal Education and Training Review (LETR) symposium yesterday, I got...

Jul 12 2012 2:13pm

‘How Will I Ever Come Out In Front Of Partners Who Say: ‘I Can’t Watch One Foot In The Grave Because That Richard Wilson Is Gay’?’

The words of solicitor-advocate and Law Society council member Keith Etherington, as he recalls how...

Jul 6 2012 2:03pm

Yet Another No Show: The ‘Personal Reasons Beyond Their Control’ Blighting Celeb Lawyers’ Lives

“Ooh, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC will be speaking,” I thought as I read the flyer...

Jul 6 2012 9:50am