‘If @TheDappy Gets Sent Down Today Then We’re All Gonna Go To Guildford Crown Court & Kill The Judge’

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The brave new world of social media isn’t working out so well for judges.

As if all this troublesome business of tweeters ignoring their once sacred injunctions wasn’t bad enough, they now they find themselves on the receiving end of Twitter death threats – which they can’t even face down with threats of their own thanks to strict new guidelines banning them from blogging about their jobs.

The tweet in the headline is from a fan of the hip hop group N-Dubz as former band member Dappy faces trial for affray.

Other tweets posted as Dappy appeared with his co-accused to deny the charge were similarly threatening…

One said: “I will kill those judges. Don’t worry,” after earlier posting: “I will chop the judge’s head off if they send Dappy to prison.”

Another warned they would “hunt the judge down” and “smash the courts up then go fuck the judge up” if the defendants were given custodial sentences.

Surrey Police are investigating.


Uncle Solicitor

This is a terrible trend, and one that is of course most visible with the Freemen Movement (although I am not sure whether their rhetoric is as extreme, aware only that they famously attempted to arrest a magistrate).

Who would have thought – White ‘Lets Get Back To Our Roots Innit’ Brythonic-Celt/Saxon/Norman middle aged men (the Freemen) and Wannabe Wigger Rappers (this fellow).

Strange bedfellows.


Troy Codnee

Thank you for reporting on this awful story.


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