Might Even Graduates Of ‘Reputable’ Unis Struggle To Write Decent Essays When They’re Paid Just £43 Per 1,000 Words?

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Last week, an essay-writing company posted an ad seeking law graduates with “a minimum Undergraduate 2:1 from a reputable UK university” and, ideally, an LPC, BPTC or LLM. The pay is £43 per 1,000 words…

By way of context, the standard rate for journalists is between £200-£400 per 1,000 words – and that doesn’t make you rich.

So whoever lands the above-mentioned gig is going to have to write a lot of words.

Doubtless those essays will be top quality.


Tom Laidlaw

And this is where the balance between £43 per 1000 words and £200 to £400 per 1000 words ends up…


Uncle Solicitor

In many other jurisdictions a barrister or solicitor undertaking wholesale and direct assistance to a student by writing, writing for, correcting or editing an essay – which is later represented by the student as being his or her own work – is a matter for disciplinary bodies, suspensions and striking off as necessary. This is the case especially where the lawyer knows that the essay being written or corrected will be adopted or used by the student. It certainly makes the system unfair to all of the other students – if not one approaching a fraudulent exercise.

If we were to live in a society where professionals could do part of the work of an examination or assessment of students planes would fall out of the sky, surgeons would make more mistakes, electricians would leave their work still live, and lawyers would fail to meet the standards demanded of them by clients.

This is not a good practice and no practicing lawyer should participate in it.


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