Stick Or Twist? Deciding When To Call It Quits In The Hunt For a Pupillage Or Training Contract

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By Legal Cheek on

There has been good news recently for several Legal Cheek contributors – three of whom have bagged pupillages and one a training contract. Congratulations to them all!

This week’s podcast guest, Bar graduate Gemma Amran, has also done pretty well for herself, netting a prestigious position at the European Commission in Brussels, from where she arrives at Legal Cheek’s sumptuous Hackney studios hot off the Eurostar.

As Gemma has documented in a couple of excellent recent blogs, she’s happy with her lot, and has decided to bring her quest to become a barrister to a close – having completed the Bar Vocational Course (BVC) in 2010.

Some students, however, keep battling away to fulfil their lawyer dreams for years. At face value, their persistence is admirable, but becoming a pupil or trainee also involves going back to square one to an extent – often with less status and money than the jobs that they have taken in the meantime…

When is it time to stick rather than twist?

Gemma (pictured) considers this question in the podcast below with Bircham Dyson Bell solicitor Kevin Poulter (pictured) and Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge.

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