Chakrabarti Household’s Main Breadwinner Upgrades To The Magic Circle

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One of the downsides of making loads of money as a top City lawyer is that you can’t be too choosy about the sort of clients your firm advises.

It’s a reality that applies even to the spouse of Britain’s saint-in-chief, Shami Chakrabarti.

Chakrabarti’s husband, Martyn Hopper, began his career on the side of the angels as a worthy regulator at the Financial Services Authority (FSA). But eight years ago he was lured by the megabucks of Herbert Smith, where he became an equity partner, assisting the likes of Shell with investigations made against them by the FSA…

Currently, Hopper is in the process of moving to Linklaters, where average profit per equity partner is £1.225 million.

The magic circle outfit’s roster of clients include such un-Chakrabarti-like institutions as:

The Ukraine government


British American Tobacco,

Glencore International, and

News International

Strange to think that income generated from serving clients like these flows into the Chakrabarti home.



Shami Chakrabarti, founder of Liberty. We salute her!



Liberty was founded in 1934.


troy codnee

This amazing article manages to report objectively and without agenda on the working arrangements of a man and a woman.



A simple comma takes Links PEP to over a billion….


troy codnee

Some people are saying on twitter that this article is a snide little piece of bitter venom that ignores the distinction between husbands and wives and ignorantly attempts to criticise the blameless by mere act of marriage and thereby tries to put the notion of sexual equality into the dustbin. How can they say such things about this magnificent article? People of twitter, please realise the brilliance of this piece.



Dear me, just as poor Shami was recovering from the Critical Mass affair. She wrote about the Olympic opening ceremony, whilst studiously ignoring the Met’s attempt to ban Critical Mass under s.12 POA and the plight of 182 cyclists arrested near the Olympic Stadium the same evening. These arrests far exceeded the total number of 133 official ‘Olympic crimes’. But from Liberty HQ came the ‘Sound of Silence’, so eloquently expressed by Paul Simon all those years ago.



Troy Codnee you are fast becoming the best poster on this website



Maybe Ms Chakrabarti is not hugely interested in what her husband does. This successful marriage plan is behind so many good marriages in the South of Italy, or in fact, parts of Chicago…I wish my GF was so understanding, she kicks my head in if I threaten to sue next door for the leaky guttering…honourable people of twitter, please take note.


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