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Shami Chakrabarti accused of hypocrisy for sending son to £18,000-a-year private school

Woman tipped to become next shadow attorney general appears to fly in face of Labour’s stance on selective education

Oct 3 2016 12:15pm

Shami Chakrabarti hotly tipped to become next shadow attorney general

Doughty Street's Keir Starmer also expected to join Corbyn's cabinet

Sep 29 2016 10:39am

Chakrabarti Household’s Main Breadwinner Upgrades To The Magic Circle

One of the downsides of making loads of money as a top City lawyer is...

Sep 4 2012 3:27pm

Lord Neuberger Slams Judges For Appearing on MasterChef

Never upstage the boss. And that rule applies double when your boss is Master of...

Mar 19 2012 11:23am

Times Law 100: It’s Oxbridge-Educated White Men And Shami Chakrabarti, Again!

Another year, another list of the UK’s top 100 lawyers by The Times. And once...

Mar 15 2012 1:32pm

Lord Justice of Appeal Slams MasterChef Hopefuls

When BBC series MasterChef set its contestants the task of cooking a qualifying session dinner...

Feb 23 2012 11:45am