Terrible Job Application Website Pupillage Portal To Close – And Be Replaced By ‘Pupillage Gateway’

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By Alex Aldridge on

Error-prone pupillage application website Pupillage Portal is to be put out of its misery – and replaced with a new site called ‘Pupillage Gateway’ from March next year.

According to the Bar Council, Pupillage Gateway “will provide significant enhancements to applicants and to those chambers which choose to recruit through an online application system.”

Bar Council chair Michael Todd added: “We are delighted to be able to unveil Pupillage Gateway, which we believe will make it easier than ever before for applicants and chambers to manage and run a modern, online, pupillage recruitment process. The Bar Council has undertaken research to ensure that the Pupillage Gateway delivers what applicants and chambers need.”

Pupillage Portal was launched in 2009, replacing the old ‘Online Pupillage Application System’ (OLPAS). Rumours abound that it was created by Lord Neuberger during an hour-long introduction to the internet class.