2012: ‘The Year Social Media Made It Onto The Legal Map’

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By Legal Cheek on

Over a bottle or two of the finest Tesco Value red wine, the Legal Cheek team deliver their reflections on 2012 – and predictions for 2013…

For editorial assistant Lucy Pether, a final year law student at the London School of Economics, 2012 has been the year of the vocational degree, where students ditch their English Literature dreams in favour of a good old fashioned LLB.

Special correspondent Kevin Poulter, meanwhile, is delighted to see other lawyers following him onto Twitter and other social networks that he has been stalking since 2007 – and expects law to get even more social next year.

Putting a downer on things is Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge, who reckons 2013 will be a tough year for law students and rookie lawyers unless they become more open-minded about embracing emerging new career paths.

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