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Morning Round-Up: Thursday 6 December

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Legal Cheek at the Google campus: in tweets via competing hashtags [#legalcheek #legalcheeklive]

When Britain’s top lawyers are focused on the world’s most lucrative disputes, can our courts still serve the public interest at home? [The Spectator]

Joey Barton threatens legal action over ‘come out as gay’ article [Digital Spy]

Will the UK lose its seat at the international table over human rights if the Conservatives win the next election? [Law Society Gazette]

No judgment no justice [Justice Gap]

Newbie lawyer becomes a ‘national mini-celebrity’ after attempt to seize bank furniture [ABA Journal]

Priests are not press meat, says Strasbourg [UK Human Rights Blog]

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Adam Wagner

I do feel that at new media-type events it is rude *not* to be tweeting whilst on a panel, so apart from David (who is speaking) I am the least rude for being on my phone in this photograph…

Thanks Alex for organising a really interesting event.


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