Times Law Cartoonist: ‘I Have To Pay To Read My Own Cartoons Behind The Paywall’

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By Alex Aldridge on

This is – as a UK-based foreign football manager might say – a difficult moment for Times Law, which is so committed to austerity that it won’t even stump up the money to cover subscriptions for its contributors…

Speaking at last night’s excellent ‘Making light of the law’ event, Times Law cartoonist Alex Williams revealed that the cash-strapped paper charges him to read his own cartoons.

“I have to pay to read The Times online – even contributors have to pay,” said ex-barrister Williams (pictured), as fellow speaker, Times Law columnist Professor Gary Slapper, looked on with what appeared to be a knowing sadness in his eyes.

Fortunately, the third member of the panel, BabyBarista author Tim Kevan, who quit Times Law two years ago, moved the discussion back to happier themes.

In addition to his Times Law slot, Williams’ cartoons can be viewed free of charge every Monday on the BabyBarista blog.