Why Doing The Bar Professional Training Course And Not Becoming A Barrister Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Thing

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Yesterday I met up with top legal blogger Charon QC, who is currently touring the country in a bid to assemble a legal doomsday book via a host of Rioja-fuelled podcasts and video interviews. I explained to him why I’d rather be a journalist than a barrister doing publicly-funded work – and how the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), which I did six years ago, has proved useful grounding for launching Legal Cheek (even if it was massively over-priced)…

This podcast is also available on iTunes and the Charon QC UK Van Rouge Law Tour website.

There’s more on career ‘pivots’ when Plan A doesn’t work out here.



With respect, nobody is interested in listening to a 23 minute mp3 file. You should provide a transcript that can be read in a few minutes.



With respect, it’s a podcast, not an article, and 23 minutes is perfect for my tube journey.



With respect, it’s perfect for my post xmas party Friday morning hangover. Podcast will follow immediately after Test Match Special….



If you truly believe that something is your vocation, and you are informed of the risks and the alternatives, then throw the dice, throw the dice and see where they fall. And if it doesn’t lead you to where you expected, then you just have to make the most of it.


Foxy Bingo

Well said Sandman, but I think the problem lies in the institutions not informing you of the risks and alternatives when you are embarking on the BPTC (Universities).



Was a really good podcast Alex, thoroughly enjoyed. I myself ‘did law’ too. Didnt get in. Went into professional services marketing instead and never looked back. Meet lots of students who think its the end of the world that they dont get TCs, difficult to feel sorry for them – the world doesnt owe us a living and there are plenty of other decent careers.


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